Covid19 Screening

Covid-19 Contactless Person Screening

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About Healthguard

With employees gradually returning to workplaces, it is vital that your business remain compliant by following the Directives issued by the Minister of Employment and Labour on the Occupational Health Measures for screening all employees and visitors daily and reporting any COVID-19 incidents accordingly.

Healthguard is supplied by Athena Business Solutions, a Level 1 Full BEEE South African company. Our tool aims to help you screen employees and visitors to your establishment. You can screen existing employees and incoming visitors to your building and thus control access and limit covid exposure to your premises.

The online Leave booking system is an added benefit that can be activated at no extra cost and availlable to employees to book leave and for management to approve such leave. You can login now on the web or download the App for Android devices below and enjoy FREE for 5 days

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